Friday, January 15, 2021

The Headless Horseman House

Many of you that have visited us in New york, I've taken up to Sleepy hollow, where the tale of the Headless Horsemen is set. What I learned up when we were up in Hudson earlier this winter, is that the author, Washington Irving wrote it while up there in Ghent.

This is the house he stayed with for a while when writing his tale. Furthermore, the young woman in the tale, whom the the teacher was in love with, was based on the young woman that lived here at the time, Katrina Van Tassel.

The area is full of older homes and history. Martin Van Buren's childhood home is less than a mile from the site above (Van Buren was a President in the 1800s). Many old homes have been beautifully restored and just as many look pretty decrepit. 

Not restored.
To the left, the pump house has been restored to a home. To the right (out of view) is an ancient abandoned factory.  (PS - why is "ancient" not e before i since it is after c?)

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