Thursday, January 28, 2021

She is a Greene Machine

For those of you outside the country and happily unaware of US politics right now, you're missing the goods.

Our latest wack-a-doodle Congress person is a woman from Florida*. Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene believe in the QAnon fantasy, going so far as to posting about watching a video of Hillary Clinton and Friend, killing a child, wearing the child's face as a mask and drinking the child's blood. Seriously. And that is NOT what people are mad about!

Ms. Greene is getting in trouble for posting last year that the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is guilty of treason and the punishment for that should be death. ADN for saying the problem of Nancy Pelosi could be solved by a bullet to the head.

She believes that the Parkland School Massacre was a "false flag" operation, staged by Democrats to take away guns. There is video footage of her following one of the survivors around and screaming that he is a plant, an actor and didn't really go through the school shooting.

She posted that she believes that 9/11 was done by the US Government (an "inside job") in order to - I don't know, from there her reasoning gets murky about Democrats the deep state and Donald Trump the Savior.

Now she is upset because, while all that is true, the press didn't report on the "good posts on social media" where she told people happy birthday and posted about the Bible.


It is like a Bank Robber complaining in court that no one talks about all the times he used an ATM and DIDN'T rob the bank.

My favorite Rep Greene moment (so far) is where she wore a mask that said "CENSORED" on it, and complained of being censored, as she spoke. in Congress on a National TV station. Satire is well and truly dead in this country.

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