Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Liz Cheney, The Voice of Reason?

 If we are going to take down the temperature a bit, maybe it is good to call out those Republicans that are NOT treasonist pieces of excrement. I apologize to Mitt Romney - even though the dog on the roof was bad.

And I must give credit to Liz Cheney, 3rd highest ranking minority member House of Representatives and a leader of the party. To her full credit, she has not parroted claims about a "stolen election", she condemned the insurrectionists while the President was egging them on. The daughter of ex Vice President (and reigning Dr. Evil character) Dick Cheney. 

I had pegged her as a carpet-bagging Wyoming wanna-be getting by on her dad's name and home state. And she may be that. But she is also an honest Republican that believes in small government and does not believe in taking over the Capital to further Princess Tiny Hand's coup.

Good job Ms. Cheney.

And now, she is telling the Republican House Members that the Republican Leadership should not tell you how to vote on impeachment. Use your own judgement, she is saying to members of the House.

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