Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Posting Begins Anew

Well, we are home and posting will start up again. I want to make a quick comment about Princess Tiny Hands, but then I will move on.

Some of you, outside of America, might not understand the shit show that is happening here with our election. It is stupid, a sideshow and will peter out on its own. As for the why. Why else with Trump, the scam.

You see Trump has appealed for donations to fight the election. And he has got them, over $200 million dollars worth now. "So", I hear you say, "that must be paying for the lawyers and lawsuits." No. the vast vast bulk of that money - the first $8,000 and then 75% of any donation above $8,000- goes into Trumps pocket. So if a donor said, "I'll pay $25,000 to help Trump fight this in court." then $4,250 would go to pay for the legal fight and $20,750 goes to Trump's slush fund. To pay for whatever he wants. So, at the very least $150 Million of that $200 Million (and probably much more) goes into Trumps pocket.

So, yes, he is destroying the belief in our political system for money. In that case, at least $150,000,000 in his pocket.

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