Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Kangaroos - A New, Surprising, find

Turns out Kangaroos are the first non-domesticated animal who actually is proven to be able and to communicate with people and ask for help.

Use link below to watch video

I know this is weird. The video explaining it in full is here, but the gist is as follows:

They took a bunch of kangaroos that are used to humans, but not overtly dependent on them (i.e. from animal parks, zoos, saved on the road, and wild kangaroos) and did a test. These did not include 'pet" kangaroos. They put treats / food in front of the kangaroos, first on the ground, later in bowls, bowls turned upside down and other ways the kangaroos had to manipulate the items. They did this 6 times.

Just like bears in the USA, kangaroos are well versed in manipulating human containers to get to the yummy treats inside. 

But on the 7th time, they locked the food inside a clear container (think tupperware). Turns out that kangaroos, unlike most (all) other non-domesticated animals, then turned to the testers for help. They looked at the people, then at the food: even occasionally pawed at the humans.

Now most of us are used to cats and dogs doing this, so no big deal, right? But, if you think about it, wild animals do NOT do this. Even research animals, well used to humans, do not communicate to ask for help. They do zillions of tests on mice, rats, elephants, chimps, crows, etc., but none of them look to the people doing the testing for help.

Interesting and a novel experiment.

Picture isn't connected to the story, I just liked it.


  1. So cute! But what to they do if you don't help them? Do they just give up?

    1. Humm.. The article didn't go into that. Maybe they plot roo revenge?


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