Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Having Lived through Earthquakes: This Sucks!

 So a medium earthquake can be fun and exciting. A big earthquake sucks. Two in a row suck more.

Zagreb Croatia (and the surrounding areas) have had way too much!

A 6.4 is very huge. You can see the devastation online -  even though we haven't heard much on the news here (too Trump-All-The-Time!) But in investigating this, it gets much much worse.

First, the 6.4 was PROCEEDED by a 5.0, which is pretty damn big itself. Then it was followed quickly by a 4.2. Now a 4.2 isn't all that big, but when the buildings have been shaken by 2 much larger previous earthquakes, with no time for shoring them up - that's very bad. Shit falls.

Only to find out that I have been in a quarantined bubble. Turns out Zagreb had 3 large earthquakes last year (albeit none as big as the 6.4). Damage was extensive then too.

Recent pics:

I have pics of Eddie and I here a few years ago

Then there was last years quakes:

The top fell off the steeple. And various other damage is covered by scaffolding.

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