Friday, December 18, 2020

Christmas Picture 2 (I guess it is a theme)

 Here is another Christmas picture from Jane and Bert's House one year. 

So a couple of things. First, Look at those curtains. so very very cool. 

Second, I thinkI got my enduring (and Ed would say - annoying) eye for mid-century modern at this house.

Third - I am in my Grandfather's lap. I do not look happy. This is because we usually got to Jane's House at about 11:30 or so - right before noon. Because, Jane and Burt didn't start drinking until noon and we wanted a little sober time. Then we had hours and hours of "Now Scott and Martha, wait. We will open them later".  Later always became later and later as Jane and Burt starting drinking, getting kissy, then fighting. It was as traditional as Santa.

Martha always had an unwrapped doll to play with, but I was the big boy that was suppose to wait. So I waited - but not charmingly. Petulance is both very unattractive, and easy for a child to pull off. And, once again, you can see Smitty in the background enjoying my annoyance.

Seriously, this was undoubtedly was taken right after someone said, "Okay, let's open the presents now." And my being thrilled, immediately followed by someone (probably Smitty) saying "No, let's get a shot of us all by the tree first."

As for the people in this. Jane (seated on Burt), Burt, Smitty in the back. My grandfather (Ham) with me in front and in the right front, my grandmother (Zela) and my aunt Martha. My parents were probably enjying the night off on one Dec 21st.

Finally, nice angle. Someone wanted to show it was cove ceilings.

PS - If you didn't read my story to date on travel, you probably are amazed at the wealth in the picture here. The wealth is the result of Burt being a war-profiteer during World War II. I mean not a mafia type war-profiteer. More a little stealing gasoline and selling a bit on the black market in LA type profiteer.


  1. Little boys who are made to wait until the afternoon to open Christmas presents get to be petulant. Who wouldn't be? I confess I did laugh about your arrival times coordinated to allow for a little sober time with the folks. Good times...

  2. Okay, who took the picture? Just wondering? I hated going there also!

    1. I'm not positive who took that picture. The hap-hazard framing makes me think that maybe Dad did. But by Ham and Zela's looks, I think it was the neighbor lady. there was a friend of Jane's that stopped by "for a second" and had a drink with us because her husband didn't like her drinking while making dinner.

    2. You’re probably correct about that. Anyway, great picture !


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