Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Writing is hard

Writing is hard. I just read The Starless Sea, by the author of The Night Circus.

The write Erin Morgenstern, writes poetically, lovely and wistfully. It is hard to describe. It soars and dips and very nearly sings. And The Starless Sea wound me into a love of prose. And then, not so much. 

Endings are not my strong point when I write and, unfortunately, I felt the same way about The Starless Sea. The author tried to wrap up all her loose ends, but loose ends aren’t easy to find. With so many stories, the book is  a story about stories, which is lovely mainly, but not fully - some fall by the wayside, unfulfilled.

She started beautiful stories, and helpfully labelled those which were metaphors, although some were both metaphor AND story. I loved the book. Up until the endings. I didn’t like the endings. I counted about 4 of them, some ended too quick and some too abrupt and most ended because the pages wound down.

Only the non-ending, the beginning to another story was as beautiful as book.Perhaps the ending to our election, coming at the same time as I read the end of this book  haunts me. The ending of the story, and the election, is unfulfilling. Or maybe I just disagree with how it ended. IN this case, you can ascribe “it” to either topic.

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