Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Something funny... later

 I’ll post something funny or cool later. A little venting for a moment.

It is odd to see our President, and President Trump is our President until January 20th, act like a petulant child. Odd, but not surprising. It is worse, much much worse, to see our Republican Party put his child like tantrums ahead of the good of the country.

For those outside the country, he has been sacking people in the Pentagon (the Military Hierarchy) with career personnel only to staff it with people who are loyal to the man, Trump, not the country, the United States. That is a horrible horrible first.

The Senate is approving right-wing judges that have been labeled as unqualified by our bar association.

And 74 Million people voted for him. That is a fuck lot of Americans. It is more Americans that voted for any other Presidential Candidate in history, except Biden. And most of those think, or claim to think, that the Democrats “Stole” the election.

It does not make sense to me. I mean, I totally hear people who say that they aren’t aware of politics, and only look up for elections. That doesn’t really make it better. Our country depends on a literate, informed and interested electorate. DEPENDS ON.

Liberty for some - Blacks, gays, women, people who get sick through no fault of their own, women who cannot access pre-natal care, the poorest or unluckiest among us, depends on the government. For 74 million Americans, any liberty but there own is not important. 

Biden has said we need to move forward together. I agree. In fact, that was the key reason I voted for him (okay 2nd, key reason:-). But it is hard to move forward as Trump voters kick, scream and incite illegal actions to keep their guy in place.

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