Friday, November 6, 2020

And so we leave Port Jervis

 Well, it is time to leave Port Jervis. Our demo is done in the condo. They have to fix it next week. So we are headed down to Joe and Aldona’s in North Carolina.

We stop tonight in Charlottesville Virginia, which is probably one of the most beautiful cities I have ever traveled to. I hope it lives up to my memories. 

I did want to share one other thing here from Port J. It is their Veteran’s Park. Here in this little square park is where Stephen Crane interviewed Revolutionary veterans and wrote the Red Badge of Courage.

It is a small little square park, but it is a tiny city. It was attacked during the civil war by a combination of British and Mohican Indians. A Mohican Native American lead the troops that took control of the city for a while.

The centerpiece is the monument to the Civil War Veterans. I included the detail below

The park has monuments to Veteran’s from nearly all the wars, including the war on terror. It lists the citizens who died fighting in those wars.

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