Thursday, October 29, 2020

The L.A. Confidential House is for Sale

Richard Neutra's architectural triumph, the Lovell House, is for sale. It is a stunning piece of art, home and history. You may remember it from LA Confidential, the rich asshole's house.

But it is more than that. Forgive me for waxing nostalgic, but the Lovell house is very much of Los Angeles. It is perched in the Loz Feliz Hills, guarding its views and its history. Built by a pioneer architect who helped define the open, airy version of Los Angeles that we love.

From the pictures, structurally, it looks good. But also abandoned. As if it were primed for a film that was shot and then left town. Like much of Downtown LA did before the Loft invasion.

It is stupidly expensive, based on history, fame and fortune. It is a piece of art - and unfortunately will be treated like one. Not lived in, but hopefully preserved on some level - like John Lautner's Spaceship house. that has been rehabilitated, but only for movie shoots, fashion shoots and the occasional party for an owner that lives elsewhere.

Entrance back when it was maintained

For the Lovell House, you can see the dream right in front of you. It shimmers like a mirage, allowing you to overlook the dry and dying grounds, the empty pool and the scattered furniture and books. Books, like the house, now obsolete and forgotten.

Kind of like me -not in a bad way - just in a charming, obsolete way that elicits wry smiles and wistful memories of what once was.

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