Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Maybe You're Wondering...

Maybe you're wondering why I am not going crazy right now. I mean, Trump is still an active, tweeting, stumbling nightmare - but I am relatively calm.

Well, it is either a: the calm before the storm or b: I am pretty okay with this. 

Don't get me wrong, Trump and his team are still fuck-sticks. Releasing questionable information from what was allegedly Joe Biden's son's computer. "Was it hacked? Was it even his? How did it end up 2500 miles away from where Hunter lives, only to be delivered to a computer repair shop where a legally blind man recognizes a disguised Hunter Biden, before illegally reading private emails?" As Rudy Giuliani says "Even if it is a lie, people should see it." Which is an odd comment for a former prosecutor, but whatevs (you can read more here).

And I was shocked / not shocked that Trump pays more in Chinese taxes in one year than the last decade of American taxes combined (story below). But I am okay.

You see, Trump and Trump World is flailing. They are squirming and giving off the sweet sweet reek of desperation. Even stalwart Republican Senators like John Cornyn of Texas (TEXAS!) is leaping off the ship like a rat running for the exits. A rat trying to save his own shit, as Johnny now says, he "disagreed, privately" with much of what Trump says, tweets and does.

The endless march of weeks and months until the election has turned into less than 14 days. And I can vote in 3 more days myself. As many have said, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It might be daylight or it might be a train coming at us, but either way, the end is nigh.

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  1. I voted by mail in ballot that I dropped off a week ago. Yesterday I checked the website and my vote has been counted. If that can happen in Florida it can happen everywhere. There is hope.


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