Friday, September 11, 2020

Wisconsin Republicans Kick Off Our Voting Fiasco Two Months Early!

Ah, Wisconsin. Once home of proud progressives starting with Fighting Bob La Follette. More recently their tastes have run to Scott Walker and his merry band of Republican Supreme Court Judges.

During the Primary, Supreme Court cut absentee voting, closed voting locations and gave thousands Covid 19 to try and stop the vote.

Yesterday, Wisconsin kicked off the "let's fuck this up for Trump" follies - circa 2020. You see Wisconsin must mail out their absentee ballots, by Wisconsin law, no later than Sept 17th. That is 6 days from now.

Clearly, the ballots have been printed, given to the right county officials and mailing has started. Now, the Supreme Court (of Wisconsin) - the same ones that fucked up their primary with different rulings the 2 days before the elections - has halted everything.

Here, the term, "everything" is meant to fuck up the election.

Th Supreme Court (by Republicans 4, Democrats 3) halted the process. They want to wait until they themselves determine if the Green Party President must be on the ballot. If they decide no, THEN the ballots can be mailed - unless it is after 6 days from now. Then they are too late.

If they decide to ADD the Green Candidate to the ballot, THEN new ballots must be printed, and the old ballots must be pulled. Let's just suppose, for shits and giggles, that happens. Because the deadline is coming up about 186,000 ballots have already been printed with tens of thousands mailed out.

So, if new ballots are printed up, then each absentee ballot must be checked if it is the original ballot or a new ballot. Let us examine the Chaos this would introduce after the election.

Here is your flow chart.

1 Is it an original ballot? Or does it have the Green Party on it?

 - 1.a If original - toss out that vote. (depending on a future lawsuit that would surely happen)

 - 1.b If original - set aside (if Supreme Court decides to allow it to be "provisionally counted")

2. If it has the Green Party on it. Was it mailed in time?

 - 2.a If no postmark or late postmark, throw the ballot out.

 - 2.b If on time set aside.

3. If ballot IS postmarked on time then

 - 3.a Hand compare to see if the new ballot (2.a) has been cast by the same person as old ballot (1.b)

4 If the new ballot has the same voter number as old ballot

 - 4.a If same user votes twice, scream FRAUD (like you would BINGO) and escalate to Trump's ad team.

 - 4.b If same user's signature differ IN ANY WAY between either the 2 ballots or the sign up signature - call FRAUD and throw out the ballot. (This is called the Georgia rule. This is how they threw out over 100,000 ballots in 2016 - because signature did not match EXACT signature in voter roles. Oddly, overwhelmingly in major Black districts. Black married women with new surnames were also tossed. Married white women voters with new surnames were NOT thrown out.)

5 If this is a new ballot, and is the only absentee ballot submitted by user, and the signature matches EXACTLY how they signed years ago - then manually count that vote.

And remember, all counting must be finished AND confirmed within 41 days. So you got your 

  1.  check postmark
  2.  check for duplicate
  3. check signature
  4. hand count and confirm

And Wisconsin 11 Electoral Votes Go To... (we will get back to you)

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