Sunday, September 20, 2020

Untermeyer Gradens - Lovely in Yonkers (part 1)

 Yonkers. If you watched Hello Dolly, that is the cute city where Walter Matthau was from.  If you watch Billions, that is the shithole where Bobby Axlerod escaped from. So, a divergence of opinions.

But they do have some gorgeous gardens there at the Untermeyer estate. It is a free set of gardens that is quite lovely. Eddie and I went this past week-end. Lovely.

This is the entrance to the Persian Gardens. A wall garden based on an idealized version of the Garden of Eden. 

The entrance is obscured by two massive trees, meant to symbolize the Garden of Eden. They are the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. The two trees are massive "Weeping Birches" which I never heard of. The water symbolizes the first 4 rivers of life.


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