Thursday, September 24, 2020

My Non-US Friends, Breanna Taylor, Louisville and WTF

 I am sure many of my non-American friends wonder what is up with the Breanna Taylor riots. New riots over something that happened in March. Let me explain.

In March, in Louisville Kentucky, the police screwed up big time.

They went to a house, followed a "no knock" warrant, which is where they don't announce themselves so that bed guys don't flush drugs down the toilet. Gun fire erupted and a woman, Breanna Taylor, was shot to death in the scuffle.

Two months later some truths came out that the police had not told anyone. This information came out after body camera film had to be released and Louisville papers investigated. 

1. The person called out in the warrant was not the person at the house. IN FACT, that particular suspect had already been arrested somewhere else.

2. Since the police didn't knock, Breanna's boyfriend, again NOT THE SUSPECT, fired warning shots when black glad men burst into his apartment. His weapon was legal and permitted. His shots did not touch anyone.

3. Breanna was asleep in bed. She was studying to be an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and was a good citizen, albeit Black. She had been shot to death, not while resisting (which was the first claim of the Police) but while sleeping.

4. The Police arrested the man, and charged him with shooting at the police and endangerment (again, he fired his legal pistol in warning at unannounced non-uniformed intruders).

6. Before dropping charges against the man in the house, they offered him a deal of immunity IF he lied and said Breanna did have drugs and was awake.

7. The 3 police officers, the ones who had their bullets found inside Breanna's dead body, were released from the police force, but no charges were made against them.

8. After an outcry, the Attorney General of Kentucky (the head of the state's Department of Justice) turned the information and evidence over to a Grand Jury.

9. Two days ago, the Grand jury charges almost ready, the policeman that killed her sent a letter to other Louisville police officers saying that this entire thing was a witch hunt and he did nothing wrong. Apparently breaking in a the wrong house to serve a no knock warrant and kill an innocent person is "nothing wrong" in Louisville.

10.  Then yesterday, six months after Breanna Taylor was shot to death and 4 months after the police did not charge the officers with a crime, the Grand Jury prosecutions were unsealed. The Grand Jury found the officer who killed Breanna Taylor had indeed committed a crime. He was charged with dangerous use of a firearm. NOT in killing Breanna Taylor, that was fine and dandy. His charges were based on the 3 bullets that went into the walls and therefore threatened injury to the neighbors. The white neighbors.

Yeah, so the city erupted into entirely foreseen riots. And, only in Trump's america, there is video of the Louisville (white officers) directing white civilians with majorly dangerous Automatic Rifles to various parts of the city to help keep the Black citizens at bay.

And how was your day?

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