Friday, September 11, 2020

I Gotta Say: Wrong Results, No Matter How I Phrase It

 About 8 years ago, I saw an amazing play. Now, as I said, I am busy work, working on my plays and saving them before I lose them. This includes some searching.

I gotta say, no matter how you phrase it, Including ["Cock", play, Duke Theater], the actual play never shows up first. And the results are a mixed bag.

My original review - where I saw Cory Michael Smith the first time and loved him is here. FYI - he is the Riddler in the CW Series "Gotham and has a bizarre new fan-boy following. The play was written by Mike Bartlett, who is SUPER TALENTED. He wrote Cock, Bull, and King Charles III

Here is CMS as Riddler

I also learned, and I didn't know this, that "The Duke" is a particular type of sex toy. So, there you go: your new information for the day.

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