Monday, September 14, 2020

Fantastic Job Ed (and the US Open)

The US Open went off these past 2 weeks with almost zero problems. Considering the state of the New York, US and the World with Coronavirus, that is a hell of an accomplishment.

The tournement created a "safety bubble" where the players and support staff had to stay. They did daily testing as necessary, which means thousands of test a day (Ed had to have at least 3 for his very few (3) visits). There were 2 layers.

Dominic Theim

Men's Champion

Naomi Osaka, Women's champion

Because this year the Open happened at the same time as baseball (which didn't to nearly as well keeping players safe), the NBA play-offs (which were in a different bubble in Orlando) and the NHL (in September!), the ratings were not as good as usual. But the play was great, many people were still employed and no one went home sick.

And, if you happened to watch the finals, it was the first time a man not named, Roger, Rafa or Novak won a Grand Slam in long time. Dominic Theim won in a 5 setter that went to tiebreak.

Great Job Eddie!

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