Friday, September 25, 2020

Believe Him

People that do not listen to Trump ignore him at their own peril. 

Trump says what he means and no amount of "he can't do that" will stop him. Remember he said he wanted an Attorney General that functioned as his personal lawyer ("Where is MY Roy Cohen?"). Remember he said he wanted Russia to hack Hillary's emails ("Russia, if your listening find the 33,000 emails. Please!"). He wanted to shut down Muslim immigration - and he did. He wanted to separate children from their parents ("Maybe then, they won't send their kids here!").

He is outrageous. He is not a good person. But he DOES telegraph exactly what he will do.

He isn't lying. He (and the Republican National Party) are putting in place thousands of "poll watchers". These were considered illegal intimidation before a Republican court said "Sure, why not? How can a bunch of white AK47 toting militia heads intimidate anyone?". He has challenged laws counting votes that are not "post-marked" by election day, and has a Post Master General who says he won't post-mark ballots that don't have first class postage, even though bulk postage is printed on the ballot. 

Just yesterday he said that the election will go to the Supreme Court, which is why he wants his 3rd judge on the court. Nine judges are better than a 4-4 tie.


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  1. I've been thinking about this. Two things: 1) I believe that Supreme Court justices generally hold to the standard of law. We may not always like how they decide but I don't think Trump can assume they will just give him the White House. 2) Even if they confirm a new justice, which would likely be bad for health care and abortion rights, that new justice might have to recuse him/herself based on Trump's public statements that he needs the 9th justice to break the 4-4 split in his favor. According to a Cornell Law School article "What matters is that even if the judge is not biased, the high probability of bias still damages the integrity of the judicial system. Any party in a lawsuit may request that a judge recuse him or herself." Given this President, there would be a very good argument that Trump offered someone a place on the Court but needs "a favor though."


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