Tuesday, September 15, 2020

"Bat-Shit Crazy" Comments from Trump Appointee

 The Communications Officer for the Department of Health and Human Services has, just this week-end:

  1. Accused the CDC (United States Center for Disease Prevention and Control) of sedition. which is the act of inciting people to rebel against the government
  2. Accused Democrats / Leftists of obtaining weapons and planning an armed insurrection when Trump wins, but Biden does not concede.
  3. Accused Democrats of shooting a Right Wing nut job in Oregon as a "drill" for the future
  4. Accused the CDC of holding back a Covid "solution" until after the election to help Biden*
  5. Encouraged Trump Supporters to buy more weapons
  6. Encouraged Trump Supporters to buy more bullets ("they will be a shortage")
  7.  Prepare for the civil war that happens after Trump wins.
Welcome to the Monkey House. Short Article below. Long article link: LINK

* One question arises. How can the Covidiots believe both that the virus is a hoax AND that the CDC is holding back a fix?

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