Tuesday, August 18, 2020

What does Rusty, Scott and Scott's Mother have in Common

 Rusty follows a pattern. Normally a pattern I have, and my mother has, and bugs the hell out of Ed. We pee.

A lot. And we have it for the same reason Rusty has it. Rusty drinks a TON of water. And, we can't really cut it off from him because he drinks it as a result of his liver problem. He drinks and pees and pees and drinks.

It is worse because it is hot and humid. So when you take him out to walk and pee, he wants cold water when he comes back in. This is a self-perpetuating cycle. And, he isn't great at holding it. More than once either Ed or I have said, "Alright, let me pee and I'll take you out." Only to find him peeing with you. 

He is in diapers, and probably always will be inside. But he's happy (and so are we).

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What is too much Taylor Swift

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