Monday, August 3, 2020

This has happened too much to enjoy as Karma

This happened today. What is sad is that it is not unusual.

I don't know where these people are getting their information from (of course I do, Fox News), but they announce to great acclaim that Covid 19 isn't real and then they infect a shit load of people and a few die.

It is usually Southern Evangelical preachers, but in this case it was a DC Catholic priest. This guy, Monsignor Charles Pope, actually said that the media was fear mongering on only "lukewarm" Catholics were skipping mass (link).

This week ex-candidate for President Herman Cain died after mocking precautions and going to Trump's rally in Tulsa unmasked.

I think it is usually funny that these blow-hards get the virus, but too many people follow them and they are then lead into death or sickness. In the case of the good old Monsignor here, everyone who went to church, and particularly those who took communion, yesterday is in real danger of becoming positive. And old people die from this.

Even if you don't care about yourself, care about your parishioners for fuck's sake.

But Trump leads and idiots follow.

Oh yeah, we are above 151,000 dead now. And many more sick with long term effects. We have learned better how to save people but it comes at a long term health cost.

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  1. One minor clarification. It's not just Southern Evangelical preachers, it's pretty much ALL evangelical preachers. Sad to say.


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