Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Now see, I WASN'T going to call him out. But now...

 Ladies and Gentlemen: Jerry Falwell Jr - Hypocritical Grifter

I was not going to call Jerry Falwell Junior out as a hypocrite.  It is superfluous. Bit then....

For those of you unaware, Jerry Falwell Jr. is was the President of Liberty University (it was founded by his father, Jerry Falwell). He is also a very loud and very ubiquitous Evangelical. He was President Trump's first, and loudest, Evangelical supporter. He also had an interview with the Washington Post Magazine in 2019 where, in addition to a bunch of lies, (Trump did better than predecessors in the mid-term election, Trump is focussed on lower the deficit and budget, etc.) this tidbit was thrown out there. 

"Is there anything President Trump could do that would cost your support?" 


"Well that was the quickest answer we've ever had."

He has protested that Gay Rights are an affront to God - for years! I could list quotes, but why? You known it's true.

But that isn't why he is getting shit from me today. No, today it is the $10,500,000.00 package he is getting for resigning from the Evangelical University. Why did he have to resign?

He has a sexual kink called, "being a cuck". That is where the husband (in this case Jerry) sits in the corner, as his wife has sexual intercourse (although for the kink it is normally called "gets banged") by  a man who is more virile (in this case a 20 year old pool-boy from the Fontainebleau Hotel).

And, even this, his distain for homosexuals as breaking God's law all the while watching his wife have intercourse with their pool-boy - didn't surprise or shock me. Everyone has a kink - whatever. Albeit, his comments make a mockery of that whole "judge not, lest you be judged" line in the Bible.

No, what offends me is that Liberty University, the premier Evangelical Christian University, is paying him off to the tune of $10.5 Million because he got caught watching his wife get banged by the pool-boy (Giancarlo Granda - a name that is unintentionally hilarious - grande means "massive" in spanglish).

Said pool-boy with President Trump

A older and richer pool-boy.

Jerry Falwell sponsored a few businesses with said pool-boy, to the tune of over $5 Million dollars. Jerry (and the missus) now say that, while the wife did have an affair with Granda, AND that Jerry did know about the affair, Jerry definitely did not watch, ever. Also, Jerry and Granda were NOT friends - although the pictures tell a different story.

Anyway, Trump's favorite Evangelical is leaving with $10.5 Million is walking money from his Christian University. 

But, as MasterCard says, the moments - those were - Priceless.


  1. Surely there would have been a morals clause in his employment contract, wouldn't there?

  2. Surely there would have been a morals clause in his employment contract, wouldn't there?


I am pretty sure this has been paraphrased