Thursday, August 13, 2020

Good news on the Environmental Front (US and UK)

 Good news today on the environmental front.

One of the migratory birds protected again - the Bald Eagle

In the United States, a judge has overturned the Tump Administration's rule regarding migratory birds. His Administration said that a corporation accidentally hurting an endangered bird was not illegal. This rule sounds plausible, until you realize that during the Deep Water Horizon spill BP "accidentally" killed over 1 million birds. They had to pay conservation groups in the Gulf for this and fix the bird environment. Neither would be required under Trump's rule. So yes, good news. (hat tip Lynn - link)

The now-non-extinct Blue Butterfly

In the UK, a multi-year program to reintroduce the Giant Blue Butterfly has been successfully accomplished in South West England. (LINK) It had been declared extinct in the UK, and reintroduction required work to recultivate the correct plants and supportive areas, and clearing out invasive species. Good for them.

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Some Gorgeous Pictures from USA Today

A Lynx being released in a rewilding project in Spain Stunning Stunning for a couple different reason and feeling