Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Black Children are not legal in the United States

Black Children are not treated as children in the United States.

Some examples: Trevon Martin was 14 and killed by self-defined vigilante who was frightened by a 14 year old in a hoodie with skittles. The killer was not charged.

Tamer Rice was 12 years old, on a playground with a toy gun - that had the required red tip to prove it was a toy - by police. Who were exonerated and are still on the police force.

A 15 year old black girl was placed in JAIL for 80 days because she was remote learning and did not do her homework. JAIL! (link)

As a country we are fine and dandy with this.

And this. This happened yesterday in Aurora Colorado. four children were put on the ground and handcuffed when a woman's van was thought to be stolen. The Van wasn't. It was a stolen MOTORCYCLE in another state.  Look at the video and tell me police don't treat black people differently.

Or this. It is the way they treat a black family who might have stolen a doll for a 99cent store. Apparently the small child did take the doll, but the video footage shows the family didn't know and didn't see the 4 year old (!) girl put the doll in the stroller.

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