Monday, July 27, 2020

It's Minor News - But it brings me Way Back

This week-end John Saxon died. Sure, it wasn't as important as 145,000 Covid deaths. And John wasn't as big a deal as Olivia De Haviland. 

But John Saxon with his big expressive eyes and one of the few beef cakes to show up on TV without a shirt. He was responsible for an uncomfortable / funny feeling - in all the right and wrong places -when I was hitting puberty. I watched many a crappy sci-fi movie to see John Saxon running around in a jumpsuit or toga.

He made, according to IMDB, he made over 200 appearances in TV and Movies. He looked, in the late 1950s like he was going to be a star. But he never quite broke out so he transitioned into B movies and TV. 

He was a friend of Bruce Lee and co-star in Enter the Dragon. Bruce put him in because Bruce's original co-star was too tall, and John already knew Karate. Later he was Gene Roddenberry's go to star for Star Trek like shows based on a ravaged Earth. And no, I am not a fan of hairy men, but at 11 or 12 you take what you can get on TV.

He and Bruce Lee made Enter the Dragon and stated a long friendship.

An Italian from Brooklyn, Saxon often played swarthy or Puerto Rican

This, I believe, was from Genesis II

From the sequel to Genesis II where men were kept as sex-slaves by the women. He spent much of this in a toga running around with other men in togas - saying they didn't need women.
This is the plot Synopsis from Genesis II - don't tell me it's not perfect.


A man awakens from suspended animation and finds himself in the 22nd century, where he finds that women rule the world and that men are slaves called Dinks. He is captured and sold as a slave, but escapes and hooks up with a male rebel movement. Written by Anonymous

"hooks up" heh heh heh

Fun Fact

For those of you who saw Hollywood on Netflix, Saxon was 17 when he was a discovery of Henry Wilson (the Jim Parsons horny agent).


I am pretty sure this has been paraphrased