Sunday, July 5, 2020

Dear Idiots: Antifa is a White House Scam

Dear People who love the country,

The incessant drumming up of Antifa by our President, Princess Tiny Hands, and Fox News, network of the uninformed, is a ruse. There is no "Antifa" as you expect or think of it. There is no great group of Anti-Facists trying to ruin your day, take you children or (as purportedly planned) burn flags at Gettysburg.

You are being played by a manipulating con-man President and a group of "news" officials who care only about ratings and are all wearing masks at their headquarters for safety. Don't fall for it.

People marching to say all Americans are equal and deserve life, aka Black Lives Matter, are just normal people who want a better country.  Turn off OAN and Fox and try to remember they are your co-citizens. Not a grab bag of nuts screaming about jews not replacing us (sorry, that is your bag).

<More> for more pictures of "Patriots" who are goign to hurt people who burn the US flag, and are wearing the flag of the Anti-United States, the losers in the War for Slavery.

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