Monday, June 1, 2020

So, I have a new website until the election

I started for the election. It will be updated daily at 9AM (EDT). The idea is that Trump throws crazy shit at the wall, like a monkey. Hoping that the latest shit will distract us from a real problem.  So... well from the about page...

About This Site

As we move into the election phase of 2020, this page is designed to remind people of what President Trump has said, promised and done nothing to accomplished over the past 3 years. is NOT about responding to every little thing he says in the moment. That is a losing game. That is like bailing out the boat as the liar is making more holes.

When President Trump is wrong or cornered or questioned, he lies. Too often, too loudly and too randomly to fact check. Trying to debunk the myriad of crap is a losing battle. You will drown AND then a liar will point to the 3 or 4  or 20 things you haven't gotten around to yet - and claim THAT proves he is telling the truth.

I understand Trump more than I should because I was raised by a pathological liar, sociopath and narcissist. So I get our President. To fully understand him, look back on what liars said. Look back to see where they are going. Because they can't be bothered with the past, whether it is 20 years or 20 minutes ago.

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