Thursday, June 11, 2020

Juneteeth is an Obvious Fuck You to Black Americans

I know that we are not conspiracy animals, so I need to explain, this is not a conspiracy, this is a racial dog whistle to white supremacists so loud your ears will bleed.  Stay with me for a moment.

Let us take two items that happened in quick succession yesterday afternoon. Immediately before the White House Press Briefing, the Press Secretary came out and read, verbatim, Donald Trumps tweet on renaming some Army bases. You see, many bases were named after Confederate Generals (again in the early 1900s) and the Army was looking at renaming them. But Trump said...

Associating these losing, treason generals of the Confederate States of America with "winning" is a stretch, but okay.

Then, during the exact same Press Conference - remember that this tweet was read to reporters to open with, a FIRST - Trump announces he will start have rallies again. They will be in swing states, except the first one. The first rally is in Tulsa next Friday.

Tulsa is in Oklahoma. It is not the biggest city, not the capital, not the home of sports fans, so why Tulsa? Well, 99 years ago this month was the Tulsa Massacre (link).

Now I know what you are thinking, "Trump doesn't know history." Which is true, but he does watch a shitload of TV. Last year one of the biggest shows was HBO's Watchmen - which opened with the Tulsa Race Massacres. So he knows of it.

And nxet Friday is June 19th. For most Americans, this is not an important date. For Black Americans, a huge date. It is Juneteenth.

June 19th in the South is celebrated because it was the last day of slavery in the Confederate States of America. When the losing side had to tell the blacks they were free. Texas was the last state to do it and announced on June 19th 1965 - Juneteenth.

So to recap...

In the space of 1 hour, the Administration

  1. Refused to consider changing Army Base names from Confederate Generals to US Military.
  2. Identified the first Trump Rally since March and will be at the site of the largest Race Massacre in America on it's 99th anniversary.
  3. Identified the first Trump Rally and decided to hold it on a historic holiday of emancipation of slaves.
  4. Bragged he had 8 percent of the black vote in 2016.
  5. At a Press Conference called out Black Lives Matter as "thugs" and "looters"

If he was just a candidate, i might MIGHT be able to write this off as a bizarre coincidental mistake.  But he is the President with the vast resources behind him. This is not a mistake.

As I said previously. He. Is. Evil.

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