Tuesday, June 2, 2020

It is gay pride month - I am not proud

It is gay pride month, but I am not proud.

For me, part of pride is the acceptance of LBGT people into the overall culture of the country. But our culture is toxic right now. I can't celebrate the progress of acceptance of LGBT at the same time we see thousands of people of color demonized, degraded and hurting.

I am not judging those that do. We 'mos fought for acceptance for decades. Our friends and family were critical parts of those fights and I am proud of our and their accomplishments. And, next year, I'll probably be leading the band.

But right now, my attention is not directed towards what "my team" has accomplished, but by what our country hasn't accomplished. I see acceptance of others (albeit, not gays) being torn down. I see political leaders tearing down people who want a better life.

I see 40 million unemployed and a country that barely notices and definitely doesn't care.

We gays have been accepted. But now, we have to move our culture and our country towards acceptance of all her people.

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