Thursday, June 18, 2020

A Page from the Dictators Playbook - Trump Takes over media

President Trump has just installed a bootlicker as head of the Voice of America. For years, decades in fact, the Voice of America has broadcast the truth - sometimes critical sometimes supportive - of American positions and international news around the world.

Voice of America was the first glimpse people in Eastern Europe, Cuba and Africa had of the American Value System. Where the truth was more important than looking good.

That independent voice has been replaced by a Steve Bannon cohort and free press hating sycophant.

You see, we can't have nice things AND Trump. So our Very Special Genius follows the Soviet Union and Pravda, Hungary's Orban and their media, Turkey's Erdogan and their media, Russia Putin and their media and Castro's Cuba and their media in being not the press but a mouthpiece for the Administration that we tax-payers fund.

America slides further off the cliff.

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