Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Yes, Of Course, the Democrats are the "Elite"

File this under out of touch. President Trump fired the Inspector General (another one!) for the State Department. The reason is that the Secretary of State was trying to approve $8Billion dollars of sales to Saudi Arabia. Because it is sensitive and secret equipment it has to go through Congress. He was trying to sneak this around Congress and the IG found out and started an investigation. Sec of State Pompeo asked Trump to fire him and he did.

But this is a touchy time to  be hiding favors to Saudi Arabia. The FBI just released information that the Saudi citizen in our military training - the one that shot up a bunch of Americans, yeah he was in touch with Al Queada over and over the days right before he murdered American. At an American base. That we were paying for his training at.  So yeah, bad time to be doing a favor for the Saudis.

So Pompeo has "let it slip" (ie lied about) that the IG was investigating a staffer doing his errands. And that worked up President Tiny Hands. After all, our Very Stable Genius thinks, the Secretary of State shouldn't be doing dishes when his wife isn't around. Why should't his staffer do it?


Look, we pay Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over $200,000 a year to be Secretary of State. We give him a work staff. If he wants someone to do his fucking dishes, hire a housekeeper. I had a woman come in once a week when I was make $60K 30 years ago. You can afford it you cheap ass fuck.  As for Donald.

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