Monday, May 18, 2020

Our, Literal, White Power President

Our President is flailing as he moves towards a possible electoral loss tis November. He has always been willing to burn the house down, rather than leave it, but it is getting worse.

Our President has always had a "dog whistle" out to the very worst among us. Starting with the White Power march in Charlottesville, Virginia - home of Thomas Jefferson - the President has proclaimed these were "very good people".  The people above. The people with the Tiki torches marching against blacks - and a reference photo in case you choose it ignore the obvious. The people that murdered one female student and drove a car at full speed through a crowd - the very thing he called terrorism in Europe. Very Good People.

This is not from the 1920s, but the 1970s - the hated Vietnamese then.

This has been repeated in the new attacks on Governors and the Media trying to keep people safe. I am all for protesting what you don't approve of. But protesting with AK 47s, closing legislative sessions and generally threatening lives is terrorism, not protesting. 

Read below for the Hawaiian shirt on the Very Good Person threatening everyone with his big boy gun

As for the Hawaiian shirt with the semi-automatic. I'll just fucking quote.

And now his daughter (Ivanka - not Tiffany) and Elon Musk have gone full white-power asshole on us all. The Red Pill reference noted here is to the Matrix, where the "red pill" shows the truth of the world. It started as a "Men's Power" incel statement. "Incel" refers to men that are involuntarily celibate because women won't have sex with them, because they are too "alpha male". It has, since Donald Trump has been elected, often used as an awaking to white power in general and adulation to Donald Trump in particular.

So when the US goes all fucking Nazi Germany, and Americans say "Gosh, we had no idea!" Yeah we had a total idea.

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