Friday, May 29, 2020

Have we ever had a President that doesn't bring us together in a crisis?

One of my main worries about the United States is that our leadership is fragmenting the country. In both the literal term and in the friendly fire "fragging" sense. I lived through earthquakes, massive fires, landslides, hurricanes, previous virus outbreaks. And always the President has tried to bring the country through together.

During the Rodney King riots, the attacks on the World Trade Center, the destruction of a Federal Building in Oklahoma, the med-fly infestation, during all of these the President pulls the country together. But Trump has activated the base against half our own country over pool parties and mask usage!

Granted, in this he has the full backing of Fox News propaganda - which also benefits from an angry, frightened viewer base. And I understand that if he can rile up his base enough, and wear down the rest of us, he might win re-election, but at what cost.

This is the verbal and political flailing of a man more interested in self than country. A man who is willing to burn everything down rather than be an American first.

One final notice here, Mitch McConnell setting blue states versus red states in federal aid is doubly bad. Not just are blue states net contributors to the fed, you are going to set states against each other right before hurricane season? That's not smart.

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