Sunday, May 31, 2020


It's not funny here any more.

  • Covid 19 deaths are still rising quickly. We are over 103,000 dead.
  • In the past few weeks 3 Black Americans were killed by police officers (or retired PD) on video. 1 on-camera with seemingly no remorse.
  • Riots have occurred in dozens of American cities. Many encouraged and egged on by outsiders - often white groups, either white supremists or undercover police - others by far left agitators trying to encourage violence against police.

8 1/2 minutes the officer this. 3 minutes more after George Floyd was completely unresponsive

The President has moved quickly to

  • NOT address the nation
    • This is in contrast to George H W Bush after the LA Riots, Clinton after Waco, Geogre W Bush after 9/11 and .. well pretty much every President ever
  • But he did tweet, tweet, tweet again and retweet to encourage violence
    • Retweeted racist comments from 1968 when protesters were killed all over America
      • "When the looting starts, the shooting starts"
    • Threatened to release vicious attack dogs on blacks (echos to Civil Rights)
  • Decided to defund the World Health Organization
  • Through a fit when Angela Merkel said she could not attend the G7, so he claimed the G7 is obsolete and invited Russia (the G7 disinvited Russia after it occupied parts of Georgia and then again after it occupied Crimea).
Trump, who lived through this, said he didn't understand the imagery of "vicious dogs and portests"

This is a horrible situation, and I do not blame Donald Trump for all of it. But as President he is shameless in ignoring the hurt of the country. He is derelict in not trying to heal the country.

Everytime you think it can't get worse - it does.

I would say it is rock bottom - but I would have said that after 100,000 deaths & the murder of Ahmad Arbery and I would have been totally wrong.

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  1. I understand the anger and approve of the protests, and was pleased to see a number of whites among the protesters, but I don't understand the destruction and violence. Scary and probably not productive.


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