Friday, April 10, 2020

Trump's Ads until November Are Full of Lies I WILL NOT BE UPSET BY

Look, if you read this, you know I don't like Trump. Our Very Stable Genius President. And his ads are already are lies made by lying pieces of shit. And, if you fall for them, you are dumber than a rock. 

Please note, I did not say if you VOTE for him you are dumber than a rock, only if you believe his ads. If you vote for him you are evil person, not dumb. 

So, I will be doing my best not to be outraged. It will not be easy, but otherwise my life would turn too negative.  I don't need this shit in my life.

And so, from now on I will be trying to avoid any posts like these. It won't change anyone's mind that is reading this, and will annoy me (the teach a pig to sing analogy).

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