Thursday, April 9, 2020

It's Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better

It's boring here. So let's go to the history books...
My father took millions of pictures of Deanna. She was his perfect type.

This is Deanna. She was my father's 5th and 7th wife (via old school counting*). She was my step-mother during my high school years. We did not like each other. And yes, her hair was always done in that style from the day the got married the first time to their final breakup.

Now, I must say, this is probably my father's fault in large part. He would take me aside and ask me not to tell Deanna things and he would do the same to her. For example, they purchased a car for my senior year - because we had moved about 10 miles way form school.  I was to pay into a bank account each month. By the end of the school year, I should have paid about $500 of the $900 it cost. 

But my father would almost always ask me to pay him that month, not put it in the bank account. When it came time to give Deanna the bank book, with less than $250 in it, she freaked. I was annoyed she freaked and my father broke us up. I am sure she thought I flaked, but I had made every damn payment.

At our best times, we weren't as together as MTM and TH

However, even if we hadn't been lied to, we would not be friends. The best our relationship ever was, was a little worse than Mary Tyler Moore's step-son relationship in Ordinary People - an uncomfortable movie if ever there was one.  She knew this as well. Once, when I was going to therapy once and she was filling out the forms she asked, "Do you and I still have issues? I'm going to put yes."

My father was transfixed by her beauty (which is lost on me) and her completely opposite demeanor in bed. The two of them would get high, then get freaky.  You may wonder why I know this. First, my father told me. Second, they hid, under their bed, a box with lots of dildos in various size and colors, strap ons and pot. Both my little step-brother (her youngest) and I would raid the box for occasional porn (this was pre-internet) and pre-rolled "reefers".

Deanna with her best fake "I love it!" smile. She inevitably asked if there was a receipt.

Why does this all come to me now? Well one of the few times I actually came to her for "motherly" advice, I had a canker-sore in my mouth. I went to Deanna in the hopes of her having some idea how to address it. Her words to me as I explained what happened were, "It's going to get worse before it gets better." And then she walked out of the room. Which gives me the same reaction now it did then, what a bitch.  And i get reminded of this nearly daily as some asshole on TV tells me Covid-19, it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Of course, she was fucked over by my father as well, so I do feel bad for her.  Take the picture below. This is Deanna with her best friend (to her right) and my dad's best friend's wife (to her left). I don't know where this was, but it was before their first divorce. How do I know?

Deanna in the middle, her best friend on our left, my father's best friend's wife on our right..
Unknown woman crossing in front.

Well, shortly after this picture was taken, Dad and Deanna broke up; and then my father slept with her best friend. Then told her. How do I know, he called to tell me (he was very Trumpian- I told you). As it turns out, he also later slept with the wife of his best friend (on the left of her) both before and after his best friend's divorce.

*Old school counting is based on women my father either married (legally or illegally) or had a child with. Since Deanna was deemed 5th and 7th, I have to readjust for another woman with whom he had a child we just found out about.

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