Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I Am Better Thanks

I am better today. Don't know why - got to love fucking brain chemistry. 

But here is just an example of things that I don't understand and that infuriate me.

The President has not invoked the war powers act, which he brags he can do - all the time, with relations to Covid19 testing, test kits, swabs, ventilators, hospital equipment, gowns, masks or anything. Since he has given contracts for many of these things to his friends in industry, he would rather pay them exorbitantly to their company.

But then, he did just order Tyson foods to open a meat processing plant in Iowa, using the war powers act.Why?

Well, in doing so he exempted Tyson foods from any employee liability or lawsuits. And, since Iowa doesn't have a stay-home order, the employees cannot get unemployment insurance if they don't go back to work. So they only time he has used this act is to force people, in a plant where scores have fallen ill and people have died from Covid19, back to work or starve. If you get sick, the plant doesn't have to help you, or pay your family - national emergency.

Now, I would LOVE to not care. I would LOVE to say, my 401K is fine, fuck everyone else. I would LOVE to say, as long as my country club has bacon at breakfast, fuck those thousands of workers in South Dakota and Iowa. I would LOVE to say, people who work for per hour jobs aren't worth living. Then I could live happy as the 40% of Americans who think all that is dreamy.

I would LOVE to be that happy and stupid. Because that is the America that it seems Republicans and President Trump loves. And they seem happy.


So in reading this I realize it doesn't infuriate me. It breaks my heart. Every day my heart breaks a little more. i don't know how much more I am capable of taking. But, today is a good day.

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