Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter To All

Happy Easter, everyone.

I am not a religious man, but I do find Easter reassuring in a few ways. 

First, Easter is day when Jesus is celebrated. Jesus, a good man who believed in brotherhood, helping those less fortunate and redemption is a good role model. Religion teaches a lot of hate, but Jesus is about love and comfort. That is a good thing.

Second, it is a day that celebrates second chances. It celebrates the idea that people have a second chance, and are not condemned by a single horrible choice or circumstance. 

Third, Jesus was a servant leader. That is, he helped people find the good in themselves. in these times where contact can be deadly, we need to celebrate those servant leaders that are leading us through our dark times. Nurses, Doctors, grocery store workers, teachers, artists. People we daily depend on to make our lives better without knowing it.  I am deeply grateful to them. And I realize this now more than ever.

Fourth, it (Easter) is a harbinger of rebirth, of spring and of new life. I need this now.

So Happy Easter to my Religious and Non-Religious Friends. We all need hope and heroes in our times. Find them where you can, and remember to be that hope for others.

(Jesus by Titian)


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