Thursday, April 2, 2020

Europe Retirement Bracket: Last of Prelims Lisbon vs Walton-on-Thames

The last of the European Prelim brackets on where I want to retire is between Lisbon and Walton-on-Thames.


Lisbon is gorgeous and a non-stop airline trip from New York. There is a lot of history, some great food and lovely site-seeing in Lisbon. Ed and I stayed there and really enjoyed it. We went for a long week-end and loved the vibe. I would like to try staying there longer.


Walton is a nice little town with a high-speed train to London that is very near Jane and Laura. We are thinking of this pace for a few reasons. First, it is near our friends. Second there are full furnished apartments right in Walton that we could keep and travel around easily. Finally, pub life!

It would be lovely to live in England for a while with friends.

Pictures below


Around Walton

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