Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Brain Surgeons

Look, I get that we are all tried of staying at home. But this is not going to help.  These are people demonstrating against stay at home orders in Arizona. What I find sad and very very odd is that these people have been inspired by and egged on by Donald Trump. Against governors who are following Trumps own directions.

Fox News and Trump's outrage machine has turned them into this. 

And they could have just as easily turned them pro-stay at home with the idea Democrats wanted them to work and kill them. They are mean, armed sheep. One of the funny signs is the one in back: Hydroxychloroquine is the cure. Because this is a few days old. Turns out, the drug - which the US has purchased 29 Million tablets of - from Trump's donors' companies - is less than worthless against this virus.

It has killed more people in VA tests (or guinea pigs as Trump calls vets) than it has helped. AND, it pushed th price up so that people that need it, lupus sufferers, can't afford it.

World War II gave us people working against the Nazis, giving up on foods and goods to fight the good fight. These cray fucks can't spend a month inside. And they call the orders, again directed by the President, Communism. 

People do not understand that word, I fear.

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  1. Lupus and RA patients. Now the insurance companies have changed guidelines so I'm only allowed 1 pill every three days instead of the twice a day prescription I've been on for 10 years. Thankfully my Doctor (Grace) was able to contest and get me back to my regular dose Thanks Trump, for making all of our lives easier and more expensive.


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