Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Why (older) Black and White Movies are Better

I enjoy older black and white movies, much more than current movies. Part of it is the production code, which forced viewers into becoming watchers. The couldn't show sex, so the movies were often sexy snd smoldering, where the desire had to be shown not just consummated.

And the violence was quick and over. Both Walter and Phyllis were shot, but it wasn't a hospital manual on a bullet wound.  Maybe it is better now that violence is "more realistic". But that just means out of a super-hero movie 66% of it is just stupid ass CGI-fights.

Double Indemnity shoves a lot more desire and deceit into it's 107 minutes than most superhero movies to into two and a half hours.

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  1. Watched a film yesterday with Irene Dunne Called I Remember Mama (1948) very nostalgic felt loads better after watching - Lisa


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