Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Europe: Pitlochry vs. Sibenik

Quite a battle. Pitlochry is a charming town in Scotland. It is easy to relax in, has a theater festival in the summer and is in the highlands int eh center of Scotland.  Sibenik is a gorgeous Mediterranean town in Croatia, between Zadar and Split.

Pitlochry is a very cute, very quaint little town in the Scottish mid-section. It is probably 2 hours from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Balmoral (so when the Queen invites us we can be there lickty split) and Inverness.  I will say the week we were in Scotland was magnificent weather, so I might be biased.

We hiked, toured nearby castles and ate pub-life. It was calming and super quiet at night.  I also walked past the local, new and high end theater. Apparently there is a yearly theater festival which draws some famous talent over the summer.  The prices are reasonable, but Ed is a bit worried that the weather would bug me.

Sibenik is an Adriatic costal town between Zadar and Split in Croatia. Ed and I toured it with Jane and loved it. Since it isn't as large a port as Zadar or Split, it doesn't get cruise ships.  So the old town is fairly intimate and walkable without the teaming crowds of Split or Dubrovnik.

Ed also had his favorite fish right there. Sibenik is close to some beautiful parts of Croatia including the Krka National Park.

More pictures (all mine)

Pitlochry and Region

Pub Life

Highland Coos

View from our window
Sibenik and Region

Krka Waterfalls

This is all the tourism we saw

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