Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Iowa Results (?)

For those of you outside the United States, the results of the first Iowa Caucuses should have been in Monday night. Now, it is Wednesday and the results still aren’t complete.

I won’t bore you with why. The good news (amazing news!) is that Pete Buttigieg, my guy, won! There are lots of caveats, his minority support wasn’t tested, it’s not a normal state. But it is rural and pretty conservative, so a married gay guy winning is pretty impressive. It is that his policies are good.

The bad news out of Iowa. If you look at the results, it seems that the 2 VERY progressive candidates got about 45% of the vote and the 3 more centrist candidates got 55% of the vote. This good be a problem with the factions fighting each other until the convention and then being bitter.

We already know Bernie’s voters often sit out or vote for Trump rather than a Democrat.

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