Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Hypothetical: Why Would Bolton Testify Now?

For those of you worrying about our War with Iran, this is distracting news.  John Bolton has agreed to testify at a Senate Impeachment hearing, they just have to ask.

Why would he agree to this? After refusing in the House of Representatives?

Well, he never did "refuse" the House. He did say he would have to go to court and have a Judge rule he had to obey the subpoena or the President's direct order not to speak.

Everyone was watching a court ruling for a lower level Trump official torn that way. When the House Voted to Impeach, the Judge said his ruling would be moot and dismissed it.

So, Reason 1 MIGHT be that Bolton was waiting for the cover of a ruling that never came, so as a good person he agreed for the Senate. Because this administration is known for Patriotic Well-meaning Americans.*

If we do not ascribe a positive motive, we might see that Reason 2 MIGHT be that Bolton has a new book coming out. And a Senate Trail testimony would make him the darling of liberals as well as his current audience of war-mongerers and walrus lovers.

But what if??? What if Bolotn is really as smart as he thinks he is? What if Bolton helped to convince the President, while he was Defense Advisor, that Iran MUST BE attacked. We know regime change in Iran is Bolton's wet dream. Well, he got someone unpredictable enough to start the process. But for the War to really ramp up, he needs a died in the wool Conservative War President, like Pence, he can count on. So Reason 3 MIGHT be a long play of Bolton to get a more traditional Republican President in, now that Trump got the war started.

*Footnote - that last sentence was meant to be taken sarcastically.

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