Wednesday, October 9, 2019

This is Who America is Now

This was fully predictable and predicted. The graphic below is from Fox News, the President's own cheering section.

So this is who America is now.

We used the Kurds to defeat ISIS. Now we have left the Kurds to the be killed by the Turks. It is no doubt a coincidence that President Trump has a condo development in Turkey.

As for any repercussions from this offensive, the President's quote is:
We just need to see now, if Turks killing Kurdish civilians are off limits - in Trump's "great and unmatched wisdom".

And this is from yesterday (read from bottom up, it's twitter)..
We have in no way abandoned the Kurds. Unless you consider at full scale attack by a NATO ally on civilians to be "abandoned". President Trump likes to call it, disengagement.

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