Friday, October 11, 2019

Frustration All Around


The rest has nothing to do with penguins.....

I went to the doctor's recently and he was worried about my heart. As everyone knows, my heart history sucks. All the men up my father's line died before 60. Father (58), Grandfather (59), Grand-Uncles (56, 56) , Great-Grandather (56).

The doctor did some test, which shows I have a lot of plaque. Then I did some follow up tests to see where it is at. I got the results last night and they are fine. Not good, not horrible, fine. Kind of ... doesn't seem like there is much we can do, past what we are doing and hope you don't have a mild heart attack.

So now my health is like the US government. It is fine, but it could go either way. The most I can do is wait and hope it all doesn't go in the shitter.


The current administration has taken a toll on me. It isn't how we are supposed to work. Lying, letting people die, getting shit on their political enemies. Crapping on entire states because they voted the wrong way. Setting hatred on one another.

One of the things I did to minimize my frustration when the administration started was follow the advice of a woman on TV show said the way to take control of your life was to write down what would actually propel one to flee the country. I did this. This is what I wrote.

1. Right to Marriage is overturned via Supreme Court
2. Serious talk of "postponing the next election" occurs and / or legislation is introduced (my guess is this would occur - IF it occurs - due to a terrorist attack and we should "all come together).
These are general warning signs and hitting a majority of these would tend to have me thinking of leaving:
1. Right to discriminate laws are passed and upheld by the Supreme Court
2. Any registry of Muslims is started up and advertised as a positive
3. Newspapers are successfully shut down for negative press coverage
There you go. That is my list of triggers per last night's discussion.
I feel better for getting these down.
So far only #1 in the lower group has come to pass. But I didn't expect this administration (with the full support of Republicans - most of whom I respected even if I didn't support) to:

1. Conspire with a foreign country to rig the elections.
2. Trash our actual allies
3. Abandon our regional allies to deadly attacks that were vetted with the President
4. Violate the Constitution (by taking payments in direct violation of the emoluments clause)
5. Violate the Constitution (by refusing to allow oversight by Congress)
6. Corrupt the Department of Justice into not following the laws of the Country

And, I KNOW, this is just a backlash of a bit of depression and down day (bi-polar wise), but I don't enjoy the things I want to enjoy. Getting to the theater from the new house is a schlep to do alone. I used to see a lot of theater because it was a hop skip and jump from our house in the Times Square Bum Zone. Here, it is a round trip of at least an hour, usually more and no fun by yourself. (Ed doesn't like theater much and my theater buddy has moved).

So I sit and wait. I wait for the country to implode or not - that will resolve itself hopefully within a year(!). I wait for my body to implode or not (date tbd). I am working too much until the end of the year because it is the only thing I can control.

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