Sunday, September 22, 2019

Requiem for the Constitution

I think that I am allowed to trash Trump on week-ends. No one reads what I say on week-ends.

A Requiem means (#2) "an act or token of remembrance."

And so here let us remember the Constitution on its death-bed. That murmur you hear, and thought was the Constitution's death rattle is really the current Administration's choking the fucking life out it.

And, here's the funny thing, I don't really blame Trump.

In case you have checked out, as all but the most masochistic of us have, President Trump took a great big shit on the Constitution this past week.

The day after Muller testified in congress that President Trump broke the law and Democrats grandstanded and Republicans ignored it - the President whipped himself into a sexual-political frenzy and dry humped the law of the land.

In particular - because you can't tell the players without a scorecard - this is what happened.

The President of the United States called the incoming President of Ukraine and told him to investigate Joe Biden's son's dealings in Ukraine - and Paul Manafort's as well. Hunter Biden actually has been investigated and found he did nothing wrong. Paul Manafort has been found guilty by a jury of doing many things wrong in Ukraine. Trump would like those findings flipped by Ukraine.

And, in return, President Trump would unfreeze the $250 Million dollars in aid which he decided to freeze after Congress authorized it and he signed the deal. He impressed this upon the incoming President elect EIGHT times. (It reminds me of the old Chicago song where the woman sings, "Then he ran into my knife. He ran into my knife ten times" -Cell Block Tango). Then he sent Rudy, his personal lawyer, to met with Ukraine officials in Spain to discuss it. Then he covered it up.

That is a lot of illegal in a couple of phone calls.

But last week he lied about it, got caught, blamed Democrats and then said he can do whatever the fuck he wants to.

But, just to remind everyone...

1. It is illegal to ask for election help from a foreign government or national
2. It is illegal for the State department to set up private meetings for the purpose of campaigning (and for any illegal purpose).
3. It is illegal for a non-state department official (private citizen) to conduct  official negotiations with a foreign government, without informing Congress and the State Department.
4. It is illegal ("extortion") to demand illegal acts for money
5. It is illegal to coverup whistle blower information before sharing with Congress.

As for #5, a Trump appointee raised this issue to Congress after he recognized it as an imminent danger, but then Trumps Department of Justice refused to comply with the law.

And here is the thing. Any of us as crooked as President Trump is would do the same thing. He got away with all of this (except #4 and #5) when he was running in 2016. Congress won't to jack-shit to hold him to account. Why wouldn't he do it again.

Nervous Nancy is still worried too about Impeachment implications to raise her voice above a whisper. In fact, Representative Pelosi actually leaked how pissed she was to newspapers. But she was pissed that the Judiciary Committee is investigating the lying crook. Not mad at Trump.

If I was a pathological liar and sociopath, I would definitely repeat what worked. Isn't Nervous Nancy a mother and grandmother? Doesn't she remember what happens when you let little kids get away with things. They do it again.

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