Sunday, September 29, 2019

Impeachment Is A Horrible Idea - And Necessary

(Reminder - I can Trump Talk on Week-ends)

The House of Representatives have started the Impeachment investigation process. This is unpleasant and will not help the Democrats. It does not matter. It has to happen.

Impeachment and Conviction are the only tools that Congress has to remove a President who subverts the rule of the law. There is no other way to do this, bar elections. The Judiciary cannot do anything.

Should we have let this go to the election (we still might)? Of course! In a normal world we should.

In a normal world, we should have indeed. Then again, in a normal world, being under Muller's eye for two years would remind the President of the consequences of screwing up.

But this is not a normal world. President Trump committed election fraud, election tampering, extortion and destroyed our credibility the day after Robert Muller testified in Congress. Far from deciding he was almost caught, President Trump chose to emphasize he got away with it, and did it again.

Impeachment is both a horrible idea and something that must happen. There is no good output here, unless he quits, ala Nixon.

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