Thursday, September 19, 2019

Giant Sequoias

Although there are very tall pine trees, the Sequoias tend to tower over them.
The internet gives ones tons of information. Things I didn't know. For example, on Sequoias...

The natural distribution of giant sequoias is restricted to a limited area of the western Sierra Nevada, California. They occur in scattered groves, with a total of 68 groves (see list of sequoia groves for a full inventory), comprising a total area of only 144.16 km2 (35,620 acres). Nowhere does it grow in pure stands, although in a few small areas, stands do approach a pure condition. The northern two-thirds of its range, from the American River in Placer County southward to the Kings River, has only eight disjunct groves. The remaining southern groves are concentrated between the Kings River and the Deer Creek Grove in southern Tulare County. Groves range in size from 12.4 km2 (3,100 acres) with 20,000 mature trees, to small groves with only six living trees. Many are protected in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and Giant Sequoia National Monument

I had no idea that they were so rare when I was younger. I mean, we went camping, we saw trees bigger than houses and taller than football fields. You know, the forest.

Some pictures of the Sequoias with us for scale.
Hiking up to them, around a bend

The Sequoias tend to dominate the scene.

Eddie and I where 2 Sequoias dominate a waterfall and bridge.

The waterfall sentinel from the other side.

Sequoias tend to handle fire better than most trees and still live. That is Mickey inside one.

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