Saturday, September 28, 2019

Andrew Scott - Great Actor

I don't have a Mascot of the Month anymore (I may revive it, but nothing now). But I just saw Andrew Scott in fleabag and was blown away.

He has always been rather hypnotic. I remember seeing him first as Moriarity on the new Sherlock, where he was cool and threatening.

But he stunned me as the Hot Priest in Fleabag (Amazon Prime). He is in the second season and he is fantastic. He plays a Priest that she falls for.  His performance is nuanced and understated in a show not know for understated. I though he was amazing.

In looking him up, I found out in was in 007 Spectra as well. I shall have to review that to see.


  1. I binge watched Fleabag last month and he was the absolutely dreamy in it. I've have a big, bad crush on him. It took me a minute to get into season one but the payoff was really worth it.

  2. Agreed! It was tough to get into. But season 2 (or the 2nd 6 episodes) was great.


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